The Importance of Being Netflix… or something is rotten in Europe

I have no idea if Netflix is an earnest company. But I have no doubt that it’s an important one.

Let me explain: Netflix is not only important for being a successful company with one of the most relevant distribution markets in the world or for other important business reasons. Netflix is important because it’s the most useful example of how deep our crisis is.

In case you didn’t know, I’m talking about the Media and Audiovisual situation or, as we call it, the “Audiovisual Affair” in the South of Europe.

Last September, David Fincher was awarded with the Emmy Award for the best director for the political drama “House of cards”. It was the first victory in an outstanding category for an online distributor company: Netflix.

Something has changed in Hollywood… It’s time to take the new financial and distributor models seriously and, specially, the new business companies.

Hollywood knows what companies are going to lead the future challenges and where they come from (not certainly from the traditional side). And while Hollywood is moving on, Europe keeps doing the same as usual, like a dog waiting to be taken for a walk… Forewarned is forearmed, and the Media and creative innovations in the US are adopted and adapted by the European authorities, local institutions and private companies.

However, nowadays, this situation is about to change. Leaving aside the economic crisis, Europe has lost its capacity to support and promote the new Media and Audiovisual sectors, specially, the models related to the e-business.

We have our continent sliced in multiple parts, like a French cheese, and where every country has its own Internet provider, audiovisual policy or copyrights regulations.

In view of this situation, it’s impossible to follow an alternative way to distribute and finance our content if we do not have the chance to build an only and extensive market with a lot of providers, where all the sector’s agents can offer their content to everybody’s audiences.

I’m afraid that Europeans polices are following other directions and have betrayed some concepts such as “smart”, “sustainable” and “inclusive” economy (President of European Commission words) which were used in the past years according to the “Europe 2020 strategy plan”.

Precisely, these three concepts (smart, sustainable and inclusive) are basic for the transformation process of our sector as well as for all the European creative industry economy.

Unfortunately, The European politicians do not keep their promises. In fact, they do not have the slightest idea of the Importance of Being Earnest.


Lau Delgado

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